Why Choose a Child Care Center with a Play-Based Curriculum?

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Why Choose a Child Care Center with a Play-Based Curriculum?

Wondering what type of child care center is best for your little one? For several reasons, educators recommend choosing one that offers a play-based curriculum.

Playing might not seem all that important, but when kids play, they develop the skills they need to succeed in life. Here are five ways a play-based curriculum – like that we offer here at Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers – benefits young children.

Encourages Language Development

As children play with their peers in the child care setting, they have plenty of opportunities for conversations. And even when not chatting away, kids are listening to those playing nearby. Talking with and listening to others encourages the development of language skills – and the context of play allows kids to learn new words in a natural, enjoyable way.

Supports Pre-Literacy Skills

Play activities like singing songs, telling stories, using musical instruments and reciting rhymes helps children develop sound recognition, memorization and listening skills. Both spontaneous play and activities directed by the child care program staff help set the foundation for learning basic reading and literacy skills.

Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

When playing, children learn through trial and error. They are constantly making choices – such as which block to place on the stack next or how to toss the ball in the hoop, for example – and these decisions help them discover how to solve problems. At the same, time, kids have the chance to ask questions and watch their peers, which also promotes the development of problem-solving skills.

Nourishes Creativity and Imagination

A child care center with a play-based curriculum fosters curiosity. Imaginative play keeps kids minds open and helps them learn to be creative, both of which are widely seen as essential tools for learning later in life. Plus, as children creatively overcome challenges, they get over fears of trying unfamiliar tasks and come to enjoy new experiences.

Develops Social and Emotional Skills

Playing with peers and sharing social experiences with friends gives children a sense of belonging, while also helping them learn how to interact with others. Kids develop positive relationships as they play, and their experiences allow them to understand the concept of empathy. Engagement in play in the child care setting provides kids with stronger social and emotional skills, which continue to serve them as they grow older.

Are you looking for a child care center in Taylorsville or Salt Lake City, Utah? At Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers, our staff encourages children to learn through play. We offer a safe, supportive environment where kids can learn the skills they need, and our play-based curriculum allows for all-day fun.

For more information about Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers, or to schedule an in-person tour of our child care center, contact us today.

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