Themes for Discussing COVID-19 With Children

themes discussing COVID-19 children

Themes for Discussing COVID-19 With Children

The COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation for many individuals, and parents of school-aged children are no exception. Beyond top-of-mind health and safety concerns, parents also have to think about important areas like school and daycare, and how such programs will be impacted by virus spread safety methods and related themes.

At Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, we’re well-informed on all the latest data regarding the virus and will be taking extreme precautions to go along with coordination with all our parents and staff for our child care programs. As the situation continues to move forward and many areas consider safe practices for bringing kids back into the classroom come fall, here are some general tips we can recommend to parents on speaking to children about COVID-19 in several areas, but particularly related to their personal knowledge and how the situation may impact them, both at home and in other locations.

Current Knowledge Level

For starters, speak to your children about what they already know regarding this situation. This will vary depending on their age and social consciousness, though most children will at least be aware something is going on after this long a period of time.

Even if you’ve had these conversations already in previous months with your child, it’s good to ask this question again to help ward off misinformation or misunderstandings. You never know what they might have heard from a friend or read on the internet that could be leading them astray. This also means that you, as a parent, should be responsible and keep a working knowledge of the current situation.

Being Clear and Concise

When talking to your kids about the virus and safety, it’s vital to be clear and concise. Speak in simple terms you know they will understand, particularly when describing the virus and its risks. Also be sure to regularly reassure them that if they follow simple guidelines an are diligent, they are completely safe and so are those around them.

Questions or Concerns

Plan for your children to have questions at various points during this process, particularly if things continue moving forward and they need to be taught specific safety practices for a return to the classroom. Listen to these and any concerns they voice – show empathy for these concerns and be patient in answering questions, even if they seem silly.

Safety Themes

While this is an area you should likely have already been working on for at least the last several months, if not longer, it’s never a bad idea to reinforce safety and hygiene themes to your kids. Remind them to wash their hands frequently with lots of soap, plus promote themes like basic distance from others and even mask-wearing during public outings to help get them used to this vital spread prevention method.

For more on how to speak to your kids about the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, or to learn about any of our day care, preschool or other child care programs, speak to the staff at Lit’l Scholars Learning Center today.

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