Preschool: Yea or Nay?

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Preschool: Yea or Nay?

The debate has been raging as long as there have been preschools in the U.S. — since the 1960s — are they important? Are they valuable? Are they worth it? Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, a top preschool with locations in Salt Lake City and Taylorsville, has been watching the debate closely.

Depending on whose system you use, the United States usually ranks near the top of the world in literacy rates, often behind Scandinavian countries. Yet many U.S. residents don’t read well — not well enough to earn top grades, attend college and increase their earning power.

Some say the answer is educating children earlier. The opposing side says children already spend too much time in school and they should be given the opportunity to play more often.

At Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, we combine these two concepts for what we believe is the formula for success for children in Salt Lake City and Taylorsville.

The Benefits of Preschool in Salt Lake City

An NPR report on the worth of preschool and child care quotes educational experts who believe that preschool is unequivocally beneficial to children. But not just because they are learning letters and numbers and other scholarly concepts there.

Children’s brains grow simply by being stimulated by outside forces. That includes colors, sounds, voices, textures, etc. Children grow from listening to music and being allowed to make music with real instruments and improvised instruments, from seeing art and creating art.

This is the concept behind giving toys to babies who cannot yet read, write or understand language. The toys are bright colors, they might make noises — all this stimulates a baby’s brain.

Movement is important too. But not just crawling, walking and running, but hopping on one foot, stacking blocks atop one another, writing your name — learning where your body is in space.

Preschoolers benefit from playing dress-up and pretend, from watching others interact and interacting with others. They develop social skills, they learn empathy and how to be a good friend.

Studies show that kindergarteners who attended preschool have an easier time mastering the curriculum and getting along with other children. They’ve been prepared, and they’re ready.

More Than Just Daycare

At Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, we care for children from infancy through elementary school. And while we provide enriching play with building blocks, art supplies, dolls, puzzles and more, we also teach phonics and math skills for kindergarten readiness.

We believe children learn all day long. We ask them what color their shoes are, we have them name the animal in the book we’re reading, we let them finish the sentence, “Hop on …” and we sing the ABC song.

We provide a loving, nurturing environment for infants, toddlers and children throughout the Salt Lake City and Taylorsville areas. Contact us today to learn more about what our preschool can do for your child.

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