Our Philosophy


At Lit’l Scholars, we believe in supporting the whole child through activities and opportunities that allow them to Learn, Explore and Grow.

We believe that children learn best through a combination of play and evidence-based curriculum that is developmentally appropriate. We believe that children learn best from caregivers who support and embrace their individualism and unique qualities. Children are naturally curious, and we allow them the opportunities to learn in an environment that is safe to do so.

We believe that children need an opportunity to explore daily. We support this by offering activities that allow them to explore a wide variety of materials, emotions and activities. Whether it’s outside looking for insects or in the classroom exploring gravity with blocks, we believe that their natural exploring instincts will help form a foundation for life-long learning.

toddler classroom bulletin board

We believe in supporting children as they grow. Each classroom is designed for specific ages and development. By doing so, we can provide the appropriate materials and activities that assist with physical, cognitive and emotional growth. We also believe in providing meals that are nutritious and child friendly as well as opportunities for physical activity. (For our full philosophy statement please speak to our Center Directors)

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Preschool & Child Care Programs: Incredible Infants,  Tremendous Toddlers, Terrific Twos, Super School Age, Fantastic Fours and Fabulous Fives. Take a look at our school programs page for more information.

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