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Childcare Services and Preschool Programs in Taylorsville

Welcome to Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, a nurturing environment conducive to your child’s growth and development. We are a certified, established provider of child care in Taylorsville, so you can count on us to promote your child’s well-being.

Comprehensive Guidance and Support

Our learning centers are your child’s home away from home. Turn to us for well-supervised after-school care in Taylorsville. Our child care centers foster growth in a warm, supportive environment so your kids can reach their full potential.

We offer childcare and educational programs that prepare your kids for success when they enter school. We provide the guidance and support they need throughout their social, emotional and academic development.

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At Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, our focus is on providing exceptional care and learning for children at all stages of development. The programs we provide offer a structured and safe learning environment for children to thrive at every age. Every program is tailored specifically to the development needs of your child based on their age, creating opportunities for learning and growth. 


Safe and structured care and play for children to experience new things and learn with hands-on activities. These early childhood programs help young children socialize, explore the world with natural curiosity, and learn to communicate with others.

Preschool (3-5 years)

Preparing children to attend kindergarten with a mix of structured and free-play activities. Kids learn to solve problems and work with others while gaining valuable pre-K skills in math, science, language, arts, and reading.

Before and After School

Helping school-age children to thrive after school and during school breaks in an environment that reinforces socialization and character development, and provides for children’s needs before and after school, and while schools are closed.

Summer Camp

Learning doesn’t have to end when school is out. Our summer camps offer a safe and fun care environment with stimulating activities and opportunities to socialize with others with field trips, arts and crafts, sports, computers, and more.

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A Solid Educational Foundation

Our childcare centers offer a positive learning experience. We structure our programs to promote your child’s love for learning.

We are a top day care service alternative in Taylorsville. Our team equips students with the skills and tools they need to succeed in school, at home or at play. We create a clean and safe environment for your kids to learn. We offer reading and kindergarten preparation and preschool programs.

Our Wonderful Wobblers, Tremendous Toddlers and Terrific Twos programs focus on developing social and imaginative skills. And our Fantastic Fours and Fabulous Fives programs emphasize independence to prepare your kids for kindergarten. Count on us to make learning fun. We offer extra value by organizing field trips and extracurricular activities that encourage holistic growth. Choose our child care center in Taylorsville for your kids. Call us with inquiries or visit our learning center today.

Come to one of our child care centers in Utah today.

Preschool & Child Care Programs: Incredible Infants,  Tremendous Toddlers, Terrific Twos, Super School Age, Fantastic Fours and Fabulous Fives. Take a look at our school programs page for more information.

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