How to Prepare Your Kid for In-Person Child Care in Taylorsville

How to Prepare Your Kid for In-Person Child Care

How to Prepare Your Kid for In-Person Child Care in Taylorsville

If you’re the parent of a young child in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably more than ready for your child to return to child care. However, after a year of social distancing and remote learning, it may have been a while since your child has practiced socializing in these types of environments. Luckily, Lit’l Scholars knows the best tips for getting your little one ready for in-person child care in Taylorsville.

Ask Yourself How You’re Feeling

Even young children can pick up on emotional cues from their parents. If you’re nervous, it might be beneficial for you to work on easing your anxieties and fears. Get in touch with your child care center to learn how they are handling the reopening, talk to a trusted fellow parent about your worries, or practice other healthy coping mechanisms. If you’re optimistic about going back to child care, your kid will be too.

Plan Ahead

Reach out to your child care center in advance to find out all the COVID regulations and procedures that your child will encounter. Go over these procedures with your child so they won’t be surprised by any new routines or activities.

If you or your child are very worried about the transition back to in-person child care, get in touch with the adult who works most closely with your child at child care, such as a teacher. They may have helpful information and insights, or they’ll at least be aware of your concerns when child care starts.

You should also mentally prepare yourself for your child to have trouble adjusting to this new routine. Child development experts have already made predictions that the return to in-person child care will bring anxiety for many children, but that it’s to be expected. It’s been a while since your child was in a large group of kids their age with a set of rules and expectations that you don’t necessarily have at home. Your child’s anxiety surrounding the return to in-person child care is not your fault.

Talk to Your Child About Their Feelings

You should also talk to your child about their feelings. Ask them what they’re worried about and what they’re excited about. Tell them that it’s ok to feel nervous at first, and listen to what they have to say about the situation. Patiently answer their questions, and reassure them that going back to child care is safe.

You may also want to ask your child what they know about COVID-19. It is easy for misinformation to spread among adults and children alike, so this is a good way to find out if your child has any fears that are based in falsehood.

Lit’l Scholars offers child care in Taylorsville that is better than daycare. Not only is this daycare alternative educational, but we’re also extra excited to welcome your child back to in-person programming. We know they might be nervous, but we also know that our field trips, fun activities, and dedicated educators will help your child get their mind off of their worries in no time.

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