How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

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How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Is your toddler starting preschool soon? Adjusting to the new setting can be challenging for some children. In time, heading to the child care center will become routine – but the first day may be a little rough on both you and your little one.

To make the transition to preschool a little easier, try the following tips from the experienced educators at Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers.

Be Positive and Reassuring

Give your child a chance to voice their worries about going to preschool, and let them know it’s ok to feel how they’re feeling. At the same time, be upbeat and encouraging – and keep your own concerns to yourself.

Visit the Preschool

Arrange to have your little one come to the preschool and meet the teacher – and, if possible, their classmates — before the first day. That way, the environment will be at least a little familiar, which may make things easier.

Play Pretend Preschool

Playing preschool at home is a great way to prepare. Through pretend play, you can give your child a better idea of what to expect on the first day – and you can emphasize why the child care center is a fun place to be.

Read Books About Preschool

Head to the library and pick up some books about the first day of preschool. Read them together, and discuss the stories – be sure to point out the positives, like making new friends and playing games. This, like pretend play, will help your toddler look forward to preschool.

Practice Self-Help Skills

The more your child can do on their own, the more confident they will feel about going to preschool. Help them learn skills like zipping their coat, putting on a backpack and fastening their shoes – and try to keep the practice fun.

Shop for a First-Day Outfit Together

The first day of preschool is a big deal, so treat it like a special occasion. Take your child shopping and let them choose an outfit (one that’s appropriate, of course) and a new backpack. Putting the control in their hands highlights the fact that they’re a big kid who’s ready for preschool.

Give Your Child Time to Adapt

Children are often a little nervous or scared on the first day of preschool, and crying is common. Resist the urge to run back into the classroom to console your little one – instead, give your child time to get comfortable with their preschool teacher. You can call for an update later in the morning, and chances are, all will be well by then.

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Our well-trained, highly-experienced educators are parents themselves, so we understand how to help children adjust to the new environment and grow to enjoy learning through play every day. Contact Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers in Taylorsville or Salt Lake City, Utah, and schedule a visit to discuss our preschool programs today.

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