How to Find Trustworthy Child Care in Salt Lake City

How to Find Trustworthy Child Care in Salt Lake City

How to Find Trustworthy Child Care in Salt Lake City

Whether you’re new to parenthood or you’ve had some not-so-great experiences with babysitters, it can be hard to find the right child care for your family in Salt Lake City. At Lit’l Scholars, your trusted childcare center in Salt Lake City, we are committed to creating the best environment for your child’s learning and growing process. We’ve worked with so many children and families over the years that we wanted to provide parents with our tips for finding the right babysitter for your family.

Ask the Important Questions

If you want to find a babysitter that you’ll want to call again and again, you can’t necessarily just choose whoever you find first. Your neighbor may have good things to say about their own teenager, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make a good babysitter.

Like with any other job, hiring a babysitter should come with an interview. Start by asking them about their previous childcare experience. Not only will this tell you about the candidate’s knowledge of childcare, but the way they talk about the children they’ve worked with will give you an idea of whether they’re a good fit

It’s also good to ask the candidate a bit about themselves, such as what they do for fun or what they study in school. This will be a good indicator of whether they’ll be a good role model for your children, which is especially important when you’re looking for a babysitter who will be working closely and regularly with your family.

You’ll also want to ask for at least one reference. Speaking to the parent of one of the children the candidate previously looked after will help you confirm what you heard in the interview.

Finally, if the interview is going well, go over your expectations for the job. Ask the candidate if they can meet these expectations. It’s important that your babysitting candidate knows exactly what they’re signing up for.

Keep an Eye Out for the Right Qualities

Even if a babysitting candidate has all the right answers to your questions, there are still unspoken characteristics you should be looking out for when you meet them. The first is reliability. Your babysitter should always be showing up at the time you agreed to. Last-minute cancellations or attempts to reschedule will not bode well for the future, and neither will tardiness at the initial interview.

You’ll also want to see how they interact with your kids. Do they seem high-energy and at ease, or reserved and uncomfortable? After the first night with the babysitter, you can also ask your kids how it went. It’s important that your kids feel safe with the sitter.

Babysitter Not Working Out? Try Preschool in Salt Lake City

If you can’t lock down satisfactory child care in Salt Lake City, or you can’t find anyone with a schedule compatible with your family’s, don’t worry — you have other options. Lit’l Scholars is your childcare center in Salt Lake City that’s more than just your average daycare. With Lit’l Scholars, your child will be able to learn and grow in a safe environment, so you won’t have to worry when you’re at work, out on date night, or running errands. Call Lit’l Scholars today for scheduling and rates.

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