From Your Preschool in Salt Lake City: How to Beat Summer Boredom

How to Beat Summer Boredom

From Your Preschool in Salt Lake City: How to Beat Summer Boredom

We’re at the halfway point in summer vacation, which means your kids are probably bouncing off the walls with boredom and energy. Without school to keep kids occupied, getting through the summer can be hard for kids and parents alike. At Lit’l Scholars, your childcare center in Salt Lake City, we’re used to handling little balls of energy of all ages. From playtime to learning to field trips, we know the best ways to keep kids’ minds and bodies occupied in a way that benefits the whole family. Here are our best ideas for helping your kids beat mid-summer boredom in Salt Lake City.

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

This museum is fun, educational, and will tire kids out, making for an easier bedtime. The museum’s multiple permanent and traveling exhibits ensure a good learning experience every time you visit. These exhibits are specifically designed to keep little minds engaged, so you’ll find plenty of interactive elements, including one where kids can build cars, another where they can climb on towers and rope bridges, and so much more. One of their most popular interactive exhibits is “Kid’s Eye View,” which is a child-sized scale model of a town. Kids can visit a miniature grocery store, farm, and more. The Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum is appropriate for children of all ages and interests, so if you have multiple children, this is a great choice.

Salt Lake City Main Library

If your child is more of the stay-in-their-room-all-the-time kind of kid and less of the playing-outside-and-with-other-children kind of kid, this is the perfect destination for your next family outing. Salt Lake City Main Library has over half a million books, a rooftop garden, an auditorium with family programming, and a children’s section that has books, art, crafts, and other activities. Not only will this be hours of fun for curious kids, but it will get them out of the house and into their community.


For more outdoorsy, high-energy kids, a visit to a state or local park is an easy and affordable way to keep them occupied. Liberty Park is full of playgrounds, tennis courts, and even a swimming pool. For an even more immersive experience in nature for your children, try Great Salt Lake State Park or Antelope Island State Park. Both offer swimming in waters salty enough where you can’t sink.

Childcare in Salt Lake City

If these tips don’t work with your work schedule, or you’re just plain tired, Lit’l Scholars offers summer camp. But it’s not just any summer camp — at our day camp your child will be learning every day, through arts and crafts, science projects, musical activities, and socializing with other children their age. We take our campers on fun and educational field trips, host on-site special events for the kids, and ensure every child is excited to come to camp each day. And with healthy meals and snacks included, parents won’t have to worry about a thing.

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