This term refers to lessons or activities that are appropriate for each child’s personal development, not just their age.

We serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack to children who are here during the designated mealtimes. All our meals meet the highest in quality through the Federal Food Program. Ask to see the menu when you tour.

 Each classroom has a daily schedule posted on their parent board that they follow (with exception to our infants whose schedules are based on their personal needs). Each class does have time for: meals, rest, outside, interest centers, small group and large group activities. Activities are planned by the teachers and are based off developmentally appropriate activities, children’s interests and our curriculum.

We ask that each child has at least 1 change of clothes, including shoes and socks available at the center (this prevents us from needing to call you if they have a potty accident), diapers and wipes if used, a blanket for rest time (you may bring it each day or leave it through the week, taking it home to launder on Fridays), at least one picture of your child and their family that you do not need back (we post them in the classroom so the children can see them any time they choose throughout the day). Some classrooms have a show-and-tell day where they may bring one item that reflects the theme or lessons of that week, your child’s teacher will let you know what day that is. A water bottle that is taken home Fridays to be cleaned. We ask that you label every item your child brings with their name. We do not permit outside food due to possible severe allergies other children may have.

 We close for most state and/or federal holidays. Please see the holiday closing list in your tour packet. It is also posted in the center and we post reminders as those holidays approach.

 Our Salt Lake City location transports to;

  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Whittier Elementary School 
  • Emerson Elementary School  
  • Hawthorne Elementary School 
  • Lincoln Elementary School 
  • Mill Creek Elementary School   
  • Nibley Park Elementary School 

As you read our philosophy, you will see that we believe children learn best through play and activities that provide hands-on experiences. We encourage and support creative experiences that are theirs and not copies of caregiver’s work.

Come to our child care center in Utah today.

Preschool & Child Care Programs: Incredible Infants,  Tremendous Toddlers, Terrific Twos, Super School Age, Fantastic Fours and Fabulous Fives. Take a look at our school programs page for more information.

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