Expecting Parents: Identifying, Comparing Child Care Facilities

expecting parents child care facilities

Expecting Parents: Identifying, Comparing Child Care Facilities

If you’re an expecting parent or couple with a new child on the way, one thing first and foremost: Congratulations! As you’re surely aware, there are several areas you should be considering as an expecting parent, and one of these is child care services.

At Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, we’re proud to offer numerous child care, daycare, preschool and related services for a wide range of children in different age groups, including infants and toddlers who are still new to the world. What are some basic tips we typically offer expecting parents as they’re looking to iron out their child care needs and put plans in place? This two-part blog series will go over several areas.

Don’t Wait Until Birth

First and foremost, you absolutely do not have to wait until your new child is born to begin researching your child care needs and options. In fact, we strongly recommend you do this well before birth, even as far as six months out in some cases.

This is because, as current parents well know, daycares and other child care facilities can fill up quickly. There’s often lots of desire for spots in these locations, and getting a jump on registration or application is a major helper. In addition, you’re going to have a number of very important details to handle once your baby is born, including major health areas, so you don’t want to be dealing with child care details on top of these.

Quality Comes First

As you’re researching your child care options, remember that the quality of the program is the most important factor. While you might also consider other variables like the location, convenience driving to and from the facility, cost and several others, the actual qualities of the facility, staff and programs should be your top priority. Ask questions about the kinds of care provided and whether your family’s specific needs will be met by any option you’re considering.

Judge it Yourself

While this might be a slightly more complex process than it would have been in pre-COVID times, arranging a simple tour or visit of a potential daycare or child care facility is still easily possible – and is something you should be strongly considering once you’ve narrowed down your options and are close to choosing. There’s no replacement for actually going to a facility to see how it looks and how things operate on a daily basis, from how age groups are separated to the kinds of programs and staff utilized. Speak to our team about arranging a safe, healthy tour or visit of our learning center.

For more on how to prepare for child care needs if you’re an expecting parent or couple, or to learn about any of our preschool, summer camp or other child care programs, speak to the staff at Lit’l Scholars Learning Center today.

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