Expecting Parents: Finalizing Child Care Facility Choice

expecting parents child care choice

Expecting Parents: Finalizing Child Care Facility Choice

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the steps expecting parents should be taking when it comes to identifying and choosing ideal child care options. From timing to location, staff qualities and many other factors, there are several important such tasks for upcoming parents to be considering depending on their expected child care needs.

At Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers, our child care programs include a comprehensive range of ages, from infants and toddler care up to preschool, daycare, summer camp programs and more. We’ve worked extensively with expecting parents in the past, helping give them an idea of our programs and exactly what to expect from our staff, plus assisting with registration and more. Here are a few additional areas we strongly recommend you look closely at while considering your child care options as an expecting parent.

Policies and Staff

You should be researching at least a handful of child care centers for your upcoming needs, and one of the elements that’s most important for any you’re looking into is general policy. While certain areas here will be pretty similar or even identical between various child care centers, others may vary.

For instance, some daycare centers stock a number of child-related supplies, such as diapers, wipes, bibs and more – but others will only stock some of these, or will require parents to provide many of them for their own children. This sort of thing may be reflected in cost. Policies and staff arrangements are particularly important for any parents of children with special needs or requirements, as you’ll want to know how things will operate in these cases.

References and Qualifications

Like with any other business you’re considering investing resources in – but with increased importance since this relates to the welfare of your child – you should be checking on resources and qualifications for any child care facility you’re strongly considering. Qualifications include not just the facility as a whole, but also individual staff members. In addition, check to be sure the center is licensed and accredited, plus go over online reviews and even the state’s Department of Education website to check for any code violations or negative reports.


Finally, a bit of a more nebulous area to consider when you’re narrowing down your final options is philosophy. Different child care facilities offer varying environments, from the designs and colors used in rooms to the format for discipline and numerous areas in between. If you’re considering multiple good options for child care, going with the one you and your child are likely to be most comfortable in is never a bad move.

For more on how to choose a child care facility as an expecting parent, or to learn about any of our daycare or other programs, speak to the staff at Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers today.

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