Childcare Solutions for Utah Parents Working at Home

Childcare in Salt Lake City

Childcare Solutions for Utah Parents Working at Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Utah parents suddenly found themselves working from home, rather than going to the office every day.

Many parents believed that a work-from-home scenario was ideal, in that they could keep an eye on the kids while staying on top of their daily work tasks. As time went on, however, this scenario might not have turned out to be as easy to manage as it originally seemed. When it’s just not practical or even possible to work your job and parent your children at the same time, what are parents to do?

The good news is that, for parents in Taylorsville, Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities, Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers provides some real-world solutions to today’s most challenging childcare dilemmas.

Infant & Toddler Programs

If you have children who are infants, toddlers or two-year-olds, explore our early childhood education program options. We have programs – including Incredible Infants, Tremendous Toddlers and Terrific Twos – that are designed to meet the growing needs (and demands) of these age groups.

Our programs provide an immersive experience designed to satisfy their growing curiosity and nurture their expanding minds.

Preschool Programs

If you have children ages 3 to 5, our Utah preschool programs are the perfect way to help prepare them for the rigors of kindergarten and elementary school. Although kids are naturally inclined to learn, our innovative programs emphasize critical skills like sharing and healthy social interaction while helping develop your child’s creativity and language skills.

We incorporate a healthy mix of structure and play time in an interactive setting that helps foster your child’s cognitive and emotion growth.

Before & After School Programs

If you have kids ages 5 to 12, we have before- and after school programs in Salt Lake City and Taylorsville. These programs are geared toward providing a safe and supportive environment while helping them with confidence-building and skills development. Even if your children are attending school virtually, talk to us about how our programs can provide the respite you need to accomplish your goals and tasks.

While at Lit’l Scholars, your school-age children will enjoy activities planned by experienced teachers. Their time with us will be spent having fun and enjoying a rich interactive experience that enhances their learning and cultivates a variety of important skills.

Although these programs are called “before school” and “after school,” we help provide solutions by accommodating your kids whenever school isn’t in session – including spring break and winter break.

If you would like to learn more about how Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers can help you with your childcare needs while working from home, contact us today.

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