Child Crafts to Help Combat Cabin Fever

child crafts combat cabin fever

Child Crafts to Help Combat Cabin Fever

For many parents, cabin fever and the need to keep children entertained while stuck inside are occasional issues that mostly crop up during winter snow periods. But during society’s recent reckoning with the coronavirus outbreak and resulting cases of COVID-19, this theme has been extended to numerous families as businesses, schools and numerous other public locations close temporarily to observe social distancing methods.

At Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, we’ve felt this impact as well on our various programs, from preschool to daycare and various other child care solutions we offer. We are complying with all local health ordinances and strongly recommend all our clients utilize resources from the CDC and other reputable bodies helping to inform the public during this crisis. In the meantime, because we know many parents are looking for ways to keep kids from crawling up the walls during self-quarantine and other forms of isolation, here are a few basic tips we can offer on some cabin-fever-breaking arts and crafts, whether you have items like a Cricut device or are simply working with your hands and some scissors.

Paper Formats

If all you have in your home is some construction paper and some basic accessories, you might be shocked at the amount of fun you and your kids can get out of these simple items. There are so many different shapes and sizes you can work with, from cutting them out to decorating and organizing them in collages, glitter designs and many others.

Over winter periods, many children like to make paper snowflakes or snow globes. During summer, things like flowers, bugs or even the animals they begin to see in nature could all be good options.

Paper Plate Crafts

To adults, paper plates represent little but a temporary solution for a group meal. To children, however, they offer an entire world of potential entertainment.

For many kids, you can just use paper plates for similar themes as general construction paper. For others, you can get into more advanced folding and shape creation, plus additional decoration with items like markers, paint, yarn, paper cutouts or various products that can be glued together. If you have a surplus of these plates on hand, consider using them for this purpose.

Popsicle Sticks

Finally, another versatile item for child crafts is the popsicle stick, which also doubles as a tasty treat to begin with. These sticks do very well with being glued together, plus can be decorated in several unique ways. If you have enough of a supply on hand, you can attempt to build specific items like a house, a car or some other fun project.

For more on arts and crafts to keep children entertained during isolation periods, or to learn more about any of our child care facilities and how we’re responding to the coronavirus outbreak, speak to the staff at Lit’l Scholars Learning Center.

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