Child Care Providers and Parents – Building a Connection

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Child Care Providers and Parents – Building a Connection

Your childcare provider is there for your little one when you can’t be, but becoming involved at preschool is essential. Participating sends a strong message that you believe education is important – and research shows that children whose parents act as partners to their daycare teachers are happier, have greater self-esteem and enjoy learning.

As a busy parent, finding the time to build a relationship with your child care provider might be a challenge. Here are a few ideas on how to overcome this issue and set your child up for school success.

Plan for Quick Chats at Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Try not to be in a rush every time you drop off or pick up your little one. Sure, these times can be a little hectic, but aim to carve out a minute or two for a quick conversation with the daycare teacher. Chatting even a few times a week can help you forge a better connection.

Check Electronic Parent-Teacher Communication

These days, many daycare providers – including Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers – involve parents through electronic means. You can stay in direct contact with your little one’s teacher and get daily updates via email, text or an app. With this form of communication in place, participating in your child’s education is much easier.

Consider Ways to Contribute from Home

Volunteering to help your child’s daycare teacher doesn’t have to mean assisting at the child care center. There are plenty of ways you can contribute without leaving your job or your home. You can, for example, type school notices, coordinate the class telephone chain or make classroom decorations. For other ideas, just ask!

Arrange to Attend Important Activities

Working parents often end up missing out on class concerts, field trips and special activities simply because they can’t arrange to have the time off. A good strategy might be to check out the child care center calendar far in advance and choose at least a few events to attend. Most daycare providers should be able to share a schedule of important activities for at least the next several months, if not longer, which will hopefully allow you enough time to make arrangements to be away from work.

At Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers, we understand the importance of parent involvement. We can also relate to the challenges of finding time to participate, as our northern Utah child care providers are parents themselves. Our exclusive Tadpoles parent-teacher communication app helps us build strong partnerships, and our team takes special care to connect with busy parents.


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