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Child Food Allergies, General Precautions and Daycare Considerations

Parents of young children are always naturally concerned with their health and well-being, and one important area here for many children is allergies. In particular, food allergies are on a continuous rise in the United States for children and adults alike, increasing by around 50% over the last 20 years. At Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers,

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Why Choose a Child Care Center with a Play-Based Curriculum?

Wondering what type of child care center is best for your little one? For several reasons, educators recommend choosing one that offers a play-based curriculum. Playing might not seem all that important, but when kids play, they develop the skills they need to succeed in life. Here are five ways a play-based curriculum – like

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Advantages of Attending Preschool Before Kindergarten

Preschool is more important than you may think. A high-quality preschool program not only provides child care for busy parents, but also provides a foundation of learning that helps children succeed in elementary school and beyond. Attending isn’t a necessity; however, early childhood education gives kids a great head start. If your child won’t be

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How Quality Child Care Centers Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Child care centers play a critical role in supporting the development of healthy eating habits. Food preferences and dietary patterns are established in early childhood, and the nutritional experiences kids have in their younger years can have long-lasting consequences. To encourage children to make healthier meal and snack choices, quality child care centers are making

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Child Care Providers and Parents – Building a Connection

Your childcare provider is there for your little one when you can’t be, but becoming involved at preschool is essential. Participating sends a strong message that you believe education is important – and research shows that children whose parents act as partners to their daycare teachers are happier, have greater self-esteem and enjoy learning. As

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4 Ways Kids Benefit from a High-Quality Childcare Program

In today’s world, a child care program is absolutely essential for many families. Parents often feel guilty putting their kids in daycare, but staying home isn’t always an option. The good news is that a high-quality childcare program, one that features a positive learning environment and a play-based curriculum, offers a number of advantages to

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