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Expecting Parents: Identifying, Comparing Child Care Facilities

If you’re an expecting parent or couple with a new child on the way, one thing first and foremost: Congratulations! As you’re surely aware, there are several areas you should be considering as an expecting parent, and one of these is child care services. At Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, we’re proud to offer numerous child

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teaching preschoolers SLC

Repetition Is Key to Learning for Preschoolers

Do you think that if you have to read “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” one more time, you will lose your mind? Do you, in fact, know it by heart? Congratulations! You’re a great parent! Here at Lit’l Scholars Learning Center in Salt Lake City and Taylorsville, we know how important repetition

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tips maintaining child hydration

Tips for Maintaining Child Hydration, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on keeping your child hydrated in a hot location like Utah. Most important during the summer, but still highly relevant through the rest of the year as well, child hydration plays a big role in not only their immediate health,

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tips maintaining child hydration

Tips for Maintaining Child Hydration, Part 1

Hydration is vital for children whose bodies are still developing, and this is especially true during the hot and dry Utah summer. Dehydration is a much larger risk at this time of year, and additional time spent outdoors doing various activities only heightens this risk for many children. At Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, all our

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themes discussing COVID-19 children

Themes for Discussing COVID-19 With Children

The COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation for many individuals, and parents of school-aged children are no exception. Beyond top-of-mind health and safety concerns, parents also have to think about important areas like school and daycare, and how such programs will be impacted by virus spread safety methods and related themes. At Lit’l Scholars

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child crafts combat cabin fever

Child Crafts to Help Combat Cabin Fever

For many parents, cabin fever and the need to keep children entertained while stuck inside are occasional issues that mostly crop up during winter snow periods. But during society’s recent reckoning with the coronavirus outbreak and resulting cases of COVID-19, this theme has been extended to numerous families as businesses, schools and numerous other public

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