toddler temper tantrums reasoning

Toddler Temper Tantrums: Reasoning and Coping Mechanisms

There are many things we can expect from infants and toddlers, and the occasional temper tantrum is one of them. And while temper tantrums are no fun for parents or anyone else to deal with, they also offer opportunities to educate and alter behavior — and with the right approach, tantrums can be limited and

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How to Find Trustworthy Child Care in Salt Lake City

How to Find Trustworthy Child Care in Salt Lake City

Whether you’re new to parenthood or you’ve had some not-so-great experiences with babysitters, it can be hard to find the right child care for your family in Salt Lake City. At Lit’l Scholars, your trusted childcare center in Salt Lake City, we are committed to creating the best environment for your child’s learning and growing

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How to Beat Summer Boredom

From Your Preschool in Salt Lake City: How to Beat Summer Boredom

We’re at the halfway point in summer vacation, which means your kids are probably bouncing off the walls with boredom and energy. Without school to keep kids occupied, getting through the summer can be hard for kids and parents alike. At Lit’l Scholars, your childcare center in Salt Lake City, we’re used to handling little

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How to Prepare Your Kid for In-Person Child Care

How to Prepare Your Kid for In-Person Child Care in Taylorsville

If you’re the parent of a young child in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, you’re probably more than ready for your child to return to child care. However, after a year of social distancing and remote learning, it may have been a while since your child has practiced socializing in these types of environments.

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preschool salt lake city

Preschool: Yea or Nay?

The debate has been raging as long as there have been preschools in the U.S. — since the 1960s — are they important? Are they valuable? Are they worth it? Lit’l Scholars Learning Center, a top preschool with locations in Salt Lake City and Taylorsville, has been watching the debate closely. Depending on whose system

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