Advantages of Attending Preschool Before Kindergarten


Advantages of Attending Preschool Before Kindergarten

Preschool is more important than you may think.

A high-quality preschool program not only provides child care for busy parents, but also provides a foundation of learning that helps children succeed in elementary school and beyond. Attending isn’t a necessity; however, early childhood education gives kids a great head start.

If your child won’t be old enough for kindergarten for another year or two, consider enrollment in preschool. Here, the experienced educators at Lit’l Scholars explain some of the many benefits of sending your child to preschool before kindergarten.

Social Development

At preschool, your child will get the opportunity to socialize and figure out how to get along with other children. The setting allows kids to make friends and learn how to share, take turns and solve conflicts. In addition, attending preschool eases the transition to kindergarten, as it helps children become comfortable with separation from their parents.

Basic Knowledge

Preschool teachers prepare a wide variety of games and fun activities designed to help children learn their colors, numbers, alphabet and other basics – knowledge that sets them up for success in kindergarten. Your child will have a great time at preschool, and they’ll also learn a great deal.

Cognitive Skills

Children who attend preschool get to stretch their language skills, as teachers frequently ask though-provoking questions and introduce new vocabulary. With a high-quality preschool program, your child will also engage in hands-on activities that challenge observational skills and test new ideas.

Learning Needs

Children have different ways of learning, and experienced educators can determine which teaching methods work best for each child. If your little one attends a high-quality preschool program, the teacher can share information on their individual needs with their kindergarten teacher. As a result, your child will have an easier time with learning.

Fine Motor Skills

In kindergarten, children need to write, draw, use scissors and complete other tasks that require fine motor skills. At preschool, many different activities – such as threading beads, building with small blocks, weaving paper and playing with dough – encourage the development of these necessary skills, while also allowing kids to explore their creativity and simply have fun.

If you’re looking for a high-quality preschool program in Taylorsville or Salt Lake City, Utah, consider Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers.

Our experienced educators understand how to help children prepare for kindergarten, and we offer a safe, supportive environment where kids can grow, explore and learn. We’ll take good care of your little one, and every day at preschool will be filled with fun new experiences.

To schedule an in-person tour of Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers, or for more information on our approach to kindergarten readiness or our high-quality preschool program, contact us today.

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  1. It’s amazing that you point out that preschool provides children with the opportunity to socialize. I’d like for my son to develop good social skills this year, so I’m considering enrolling him in preschool. I’m going to search for a good preschool in the area that he can attend.

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