4 Ways Kids Benefit from a High-Quality Childcare Program

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4 Ways Kids Benefit from a High-Quality Childcare Program

In today’s world, a child care program is absolutely essential for many families. Parents often feel guilty putting their kids in daycare, but staying home isn’t always an option.

The good news is that a high-quality childcare program, one that features a positive learning environment and a play-based curriculum, offers a number of advantages to children. Kids who spend the day in a stimulating, nurturing environment get the strong start they need to thrive in school and beyond.

Here are four of the benefits children derive from attending a quality daycare program.

No. 1: Advanced Social Skills

In the child care environment, kids get the chance to connect with their peers and engage with adults. Through this interaction, they learn vital social skills like how to express their ideas, how to listen to others and how to cooperate in a group setting. Children also learn how to make friends, share and resolve conflicts in an appropriate manner.

No. 2: Improved Attention Spans

Children are naturally curious and love to explore. A quality daycare program offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy new experiences and make new discoveries, while also providing a good balance of directed activities. This approach helps kids understand how to work independently, complete group tasks and follow directions – all of which contribute to improved concentration skills.

No. 3: Better School Performance

When kids attend a quality child care center with a focus on early childhood learning, they’re better prepared for school. They have a better idea of what to expect and how to behave in kindergarten, and this knowledge sets them up for success. Daycare gives children the physical, mental and emotional foundation to do well in school and, for many kids, reduces the need for special education instruction.

No. 4: Greater Enthusiasm for Learning

In a child care center built around a play-based curriculum, kids explore new ideas and challenges every day. The experiences they enjoy at daycare – music, construction, art, cooking, math games, science experiments and more – serve to create a lifelong interest in learning. Children become confident in their ability to figure things out, which builds their enthusiasm in education.

Attending a quality child care program, like those offered by Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers, can help set your children up for future success.

At Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers, we encourage children to learn, grow and explore through play. We offer a safe environment, well-trained caregivers and developmentally-appropriate activities – and we aim to fill every day with fun.

Lit’l Scholars Learning Centers has two convenient northern Utah locations, in Salt Lake City and Taylorsville. To schedule an in-person tour of either daycare center, or for details on our quality child care programs, contact us today.

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